Alma is one of the most renowned brands of wooden floors.


Italian design

Thanks to an innovative design and a long experience in woodworking, we create long-lasting and eco-sustainable products with high quality.
Each parquet is designed according to the space in which it will be laid, to the furniture and customer needs: all products can be fully customized, from the type of surface to the color, from size to shape. Our wooden floors are made by craftsmen who shape tailor-made solutions.
Our Collections contain the natural beauty of wood combined with our creativity in designs and finishes, capable of adapting to any living style, from the most classic to the most eccentric.

Controlling all steps

Alma controls the entire production chain, starting from the selection of the best logs up to the latest finishes, dedicating the best care to each step of processing. Our production is in Hungary. The country was chosen for the important tradition of wood processing.

The raw material: Trunk and rough planks

After the felling of selected trees in controlled and sustainable forests, the trunk arrives at the company. Our team proceeds to the cut, carried out perpendicularly to give the same strength to all the planks and prevent them from warping over time.

The Slats and the Sandwich

From the raw boards, we obtain the Slats. Then, every slat is glued to plywood through an operation called Sandwiching.

Ruler and Profiling machine

After the Sandwiching, the ruler machine makes cuts useful to give greater elasticity to the parquet.
The wood continues towards the profiling machine that creates the tongue and groove joints, at the head and on the sides.

Finish, quality control and packaging

After the last step in the profiling machine, the raw parquet is ready to be subjected to finishing treatments. The planks are loaded into the machine where a first brushing takes place, necessary to open the pores of the wood. The protective varnish is then applied. At this point, after having passed a careful quality control, the parquet is ready for the packing and then being laid in your home.

From residential complexes to hotels, from private villas to offices: Alma is a company that works all over the world, in every industry.

We create exclusive projects, we collaborate with prestigious architects, we bring our precious design far from home, we transform simple floors into artworks to walk on.

A family business

GIORIO Srl was founded in 1969 by Pierino Giorio, coming from a solid culture of wood and a great passion for this material. Over the decades, with the next generation, the company has become one of the most important companies in this sector. Alma has seen its business volume steadily grow and is now present in the main world markets. Following a gradual development, Alma is always keeping the craftsmanship quality at the center.

The Alma of nature

Alma’s parquet comes from forests that we carefully select in compliance with the most rigorous environmental standards, ensuring that the quantity of cut wood is never greater than that which grows back.
Roots, respect, equilibrium. Nature is the soul of our work. We follow the growth of the forest, like a precious creature to protect, and we respect it by maintaining a constant balance between felling and restoration. The forest is our beating heart, taking care of its ecosystem with awareness and respect is essential to us.

ALMA as Soul

Wood is a living material. Even after 100 years, it keeps moving, shrinking, expanding, changing color.
This is why we know that wood has a Soul.

An alma that speaks of wild forest and mother earth.
An alma that tells of remote places, of distant legends and nearby stories.
An alma who listens to the sound of our steps and the sound of our breaths.
An alma that smells of roots, of ancient spirits, of primal instincts.
An alma that speaks to our deepest Self.
An alma that connects our home to the most authentic nature. An alma that is the beating heart of our work.  
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